Live Video TeleHealthStep-by-Step

These steps are to be followed on your scheduled appointment date & time ONLY. Please call the clinic to schedule.

Browsers that are compatible with OneTouch TeleHealth include Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. DO NOT use Internet Explore to complete the chat. Using this browser causes issue's with the platform

           Please charge your phone fully prior to the visit

           Turn off your Bluetooth

           Please  go to a quiet space for your video visit.

           The app will ask you for permission to access your Audio/Video, say  YES!

If your are using a compute for the chat, a webcam is required!

Let's Get Started!

                                     Go to

  1. WAIT for a blue rectangle labeled "Live Video Telehealth" to populate at the bottom of your screen & select. (Your internet connection may cause a delay)

  2. Enter your email address. Leave "Visit Reason" blank. Enter your providers code:  Dr. Bluth- 417554     Debra Murray- 417553

  3. Click "Video Connect Now"

  4. Be patient! Your screen may turn black or you may see a message that says "Hang Tight- in waiting room" This means our system is alerting our staff that you are ready for your virtual visit!

More Questions? We are happy to help


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